The pet & me

me just before chow

Nov 44 Germany

The pet & me

Joe McGuire

4-47 Tom Dom Calvin & ?

after uncle Ercole committed suicide while I was @ his home

Feb 1946

Sam & Dom

Joe Caprarolla,friend& Janet


Richard,Janet,Tony,,Mary Ellen,Bob,Nic

Dom's 80th, Lisa cuts cake

Below are papers written for Rutgers University English 101 night class

My Wife Is Funny    The Snow    Grandmom Leonarda Di Pace    Contact with the Enemy    Wedding Night-One of my Blunders

Mark's Eulogy    Eulogy by Robert DeLaurentis    Teresa DeLaurentis's memories


Dominick DeLaurentis

Rosalind DeLaurentis (Rosalind Palumbo)

Joyce DeLaurentis

Walter Bjorkman


Christian DeLaurentis

Joseph DeLaurentis

Claudette DeLaurentis (Claudette Morris)


Lisa DeLaurentis

Nicholas Wellnitz

      Annabel Wellnitz



Teresa DeLaurentis


Steven Joseph DeLaurentis


Regina Mary DeLaurentis

Owen Adam Rhodes II

Mark DeLaurentis

Jamie DeLaurentis (Jamie Jenei)


Jennifer Sibilly (Jennifer DeLaurentis)


Duane Alfred Sibilly, II

    Thomas Antonio Sibilly  


John DeLaurentis


Rebecca DeLaurentis (Rebecca Napoli)

    Jude Jeremiah DeLaurentis
    Elijah DeLaurentis  


Jeremy DeLaurentis


James DeLaurentis